Welcome to E-struct Junior Engineers. This group is all about encouraging our kids to embrace their inner-engineer & scientist. We want to explore Science and Engineering, creating fun ways to explore our passion of building, playing, and generally having fun! Please feel free to post any projects on our facebook group page you are working on with your children whether it be building with Lego, drawing, or creating awesome science experiments!

This group aims to encourage STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skill development and practice for kids, under adult supervision, in our community.

We will be posting links to community events that relate to STEM principles and links and videos relating to construction and science activities and experiments.

Code of Conduct: Group members are invited to share their experiences relating to Science in a positive and respectful manner.As children may be viewing this site with their parents, please think of it operating under a PG rating.This group also subscribes to a"No Put Down" policy.Bullying will not be tolerated.Group members engaging in this behaviour will be deleted.

Community Events: E-struct shares information about community events but takes no responsibility for costs, booking fees or cancellations associated with shared events.

Science Experiments: E-struct urges you to take precautions when conducting science experiments.Children should not be handling sharp implements, fire or chemicals without supervision.Ensure that any experimentation takes safety into account first and foremost, wear gloves, protective eye wear and a smock or lab coat when undertaking any practical activities.

We look forward to bringing you a variety of Sciencey wonders that you can have fun with.

E-struct junior engineers group

E-struct junior engineers


E-struct junior engineers